Summer 2019


The Better Work Better Lives campaign continues.

Last month the campaign met with the Low Pay Commission in Derry City  and argued that poor pay must be challenged in the context of the Northern Ireland economy. We know that 30% of all workers in NI earn below the Real Living Wage of £9 per hour and this is not acceptable nor sustainable.



We continue to engage with trade union executive committees on our mid-term review of the activity of the campaign so far. To date we have met with Unite, NIPSA, SIPTU, UCU and the CWU committees




On Tuesday 11th June we are launching the first of 5 key policy documents under the Better Work Better Lives campaign. Our policy paper, Childcare in Northern Ireland, Cost, Care and Gender Equality seeks to outlines the current state of childcare provision in NI and its negative impact on gender equality at work. We also chart an number of coherent practical evidence based proposals to address both issues.


The central aim of our campaign is to achieve a forum for Social Dialogue for NI. We have called on the 5 Stormont parties to address this matter in the context of their talks to restore devolution. We intend over the next 18 months to prepare 4 other policy papers on issues such as collective bargaining and low pay, and industrial strategy, housing and welfare reform.


To date we have met with 59 MLA’s whereby over 80% of them have supported our call for a forum for Social Dialogue for Northern Ireland. Over the next number of months we will continue to meet with MLAs, District Councils and MPs on the urgent need for such a forum.

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