About the Better Work Better Lives Campaign

Better Work Better Lives is the trade union campaign for a fair share for all in Northern Ireland.

Led by the Irish Congress of Trade Unions, the campaign is supported by 30 public and private sector trade unions which together represent some 200,000 workers in communities and workplaces across Northern Ireland.

The Better Work Better Lives campaign believes that:

  • We must develop and implement policies that tackle the scourge of low pay and insecure work across NI;
  • We must campaign for improved investment in our public services to meet the needs of all of our citizens;
  • We must end the 1% pay cap imposed unfairly on public sector workers which is driving public sector workers into poverty.

1 out of every 3 workers in NI feel their work is insecure. 1 in 5 earn on or below the Real Living Wage (circa £8.30 p/h) whilst many private sector workers need a decent pay rise to catch up with inflation.

Public expenditure, which funds our vital public services, has been cut in real terms by 10.2% since 2010. This has had a devastating impact on all of us who rely on our public services but also on those who deliver the services.

Across Northern Ireland we have 26,000 fewer public servants since 2010, and public sector workers have been subject to an unjust pay cap which has seen the value of their pay packet fall in real terms.

Things can be better and the situation we find ourselves in has not happened by chance but by choice.

The Better Work Better Lives campaign is lobbying politicians and civil society organisations to generate a public debate on these important issues as all citizens in NI deserve better.

Better Work Better Lives will promote positive policy options which we believe will make Northern Ireland a more equal, fairer and better place in which to live and work (click here for summary of BWBL paper).

If you believe in Better Work Better Lives, join the campaign here >

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